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Top 30 Games Similar to UTP - Ultimate Teen Patti (3 Patti)

Teen Patti Guide 1.2
Art DS Apps
We create a simple guide for you to learn TEEN PATTI card game.Getto know the history of Teen Patti card game. Get complete tipsofhow to play teen patti. Tips and Tricks of the game. Features:-History of Indian Origin game "Teen Patti" - Learn the rules ofthegame - Learn what each rule means like, what is sequence,flush,color, etc.. - Aur app isse hindi mein padh sakte hai. -Languagechange ka option bhi di gaya hai.
Gin Rummy 2.14.20
The ever-popular card game comes to Android! Play Gin Rummyagainstthe computer. 5 different computer opponents to choose from,eachwith their own playing styles and individual strategies.Optimizedfor various screen sizes so it's fun and easy to play. -Easyoptions to sort your cards. Tap the Sort Hand button to sortbyRank, Suit or Meld or you can drag and drop the cards to sortthem.Tap “Sort by” to change the sorting method. Auto will sortnewcards into your hand automatically.- 5 Unique Opponents tochoosefrom. - Play individual matches against your opponents orplay atournament to match your skills against each opponent inturn. See“Game Type” in the Options menu.- Options for Sound,Deadwood countand more!- Statistics to track your wins, scores,hand results andmore. Filter by opponent and/or by date!- Pick upan accidentaldiscard if opponent has not acted yet.- Rating systemso you canmeasure your skills and track your progress.- Strategysection inHelp. - Smooth gameplay.- Hours of entertainment!GinRummy is aterrific game that you're sure to enjoy.* Ad Supported sowe cancontinue to bring you great games for FREE. Permissions areneededfor the ads. Thanks!
G4A: Indian Rummy 2.12.9
** If you doubt our scoring, read these rules. You need a firstandsecond life before scoring begins! **Easy tounderstand,challenging to play! Originating from India this game ofRummy isconquering the world! So watch out! It gets you before youknow itand you will have a hard time cutting yourself loose.Theobjectiveis easy: get rid of your penalty points as soon aspossible. Youcan dothis by collecting runs (at least threeconsecutive cards ofthe same suit) or sets(three or four of thesame cards fromdifferent suits). But you need at least tworunsbefore the scoringstarts. And one of this runs has to bewithout a joker!Each turnyou take a card and discard one. Are youthe first that has a handfull ofruns and sets? The game is yours!The faster you achievethis, the bigger the chanceyou leave yourcompetition far behind.And that will boost your statistics!- Ahighly addictive cardgame;- Get rid of your penalty points as soonas possible;- Improveyour play;- Boost your statistics!
Rummy - Free
Eryod Soft
Play the famous Rummy card game on yourAndroidSmartphone or Tablet !!Play rummy with 2, 3, or 4 players against simulatedopponentsplaying with high-level artificial intelligence.There are a number of rules that can be modified, making thisgamevery faithful to the original.*** MANY VARIATIONS INCLUDED ***Many rummy variations are included in the application:- From 2 to 4 players.- Choose the AI level of opponents.- Number of cards dealt to each player (from 7 to 14).- Number of jokers (from 0 to 4).- Number of turns before being able to lay down acombination.- Number of points required for the first meld.- Sequence required or not for the first meld.- Card taken from discard pile has to be played or canbekept.- Final card to be discarded or played.- And several other variations...*** A VERY THOROUGH APPLICATION ***- Easy to learn, smooth game play, card animations for amorerealistic game experience.- Opponents endowed with advanced AI.- Statistics on games played.- Game rules included in the application.- Back-up of current game in case the application closes.Do you have questions about the game?Contact:[email protected] fun!
Classic Canasta game featuring: - Single player andonlinemultiplayer - Challenging computers - Statistics - Severaldecks,including special Canasta decks - Change a color style of thegame- Landscape and portrait support - Fits phones, tablets andHDphones It's time to play Canasta!
Gin Rummy 1.11.6
Gin Rummy, the classic two-player card game you know and love.GinRummy offers four levels of difficulty, four unique game modesaswell as extensive statistics tracking. It is an unparalleledgameplay experience!Now with 5 unique game modes, unlockOklahoma,Straight, Hollywood and Manual 3-2-1 for additional waysofenjoying the game! Also, included is a brand new Re-Dealpowerup.Don't like the cards you got? Use a Re-Deal! You'reguaranteed toget a much better hand! Also with Facebookintegration! Personalizeyour game, earn experience with every game,never lose yourstatistics! Your statistics are now stored in thecloud and sharedbetween all your devices.Features include:•Realistic gameplay andgraphics• Intuitive single player gameplay• 4difficulty optionsand more coming soon!• 5 game modes: Regular,Oklahoma, Straight,Hollywood and Manual 3-2-1!• 6 unique Themes!•ExtensiveStatistics, including games and hands breakdown.• Re-Dealpowerup!•Facebook integration - personalize your game and saveyourprogress.
Mendicot 3.53
INTRODUCTION:MENDICOT(pronounced men-dee-coat) is a popularIndiancard game. It is similar to 'Dehla Pakad', a game played inNorthIndia. It is a team game and the ultimate objective is to winallthe 10s for your team(10 of spades, 10 of hearts, 10 ofdiamonds,10 of clubs).FEATURES:> 4 players involved - 2 teams of2players each.> Artificially Intelligent(AI) game playingagentthat you can play against/with.> Game Modes based on thenumberof players: - Single Player mode: yourself and an AI playerin oneteam versus 2 other AI players. - Multi Player mode: team upwithanother human player against an all-AI team, or team up with anAIplayer against another human-AI team. Play in this mode overtheinternet with your friends!> 2 modes of AI difficulty : EasyandDifficult.> Rules of the game explained in great detail inthe'Help' section.Please give our game a try. We're sure you'llloveit. Enjoy!
Hearts 2.9.3
The top-ranked free Hearts card game with: Leaderboards•Achievements • Statistics • Game options • Smart AI opponents•Frequent updates • Play Hearts Offline now, DownloadHearts!Classic Hearts is the premier Hearts card game for smartphones andtablets and is now available on Android! Hearts has beenindevelopment for years by a dedicated team and has seencountlessnew features, improvements, and bug fixes. It's fast,stable,always improving, and above all fun! You can use thisfeatures inHearts free. Hearts Features: * Google Game PlayService, *Achievements, * Score and Win Leaderboards, * Quests, *Levels, *Stats. Hearts Settings: * Jack of Diamonds Variant, ( arule ofHearts ) * Game Speed, * Card Size, * Game Finish Score, *CardMovement; Drag & Drop or Click, * Customise player names,*Designed for tablets and phones - You can play hearts onlinewithfriends by installing our Hearts Online game. - You can tryourSpades, Gin Rummy game. - Download hearts, heartsdownload,download hearts offline, download hearts online, downloadheartsgame, hearts offline, Hearts plus, classic hearts, heartswindows,dame de pique, copas, corazones, cups, heart, heartthrobbing game.
Gin Rummy 1.42
GIN RUMMYMain characteristics:- Play Gin Rummy against ONLINEplayeror against CPU- Four-color deck (each suit has a differentcolor)-It includes help and play explanation- Settings: Cardssize, decktype (four-color or classic), cards back color, sound,animations,speed, scoreboard, table color,...- Scores: Hands,matches, best andworst,...- Achievements: They allow to achieveexperiencie points-Save and load game- Landscape and verticalorientation- Animations-Move to SDPlay:- The objective in ginrummy is to score points andreach 100 or more points before theopponent does- On each turn, aplayer must draw either the(face-up) top card of the discard pile,or the (face-down) top cardfrom the stock pile, and discard onecard from his or her hand ontothe discard pile- Players alternatetaking turns until one playerends the round by knocking or goingGin- After knocking the hand islaid out with the melds clearlyindicated and deadwood separated.The other player is then entitledto lay out any melds in his orher hand and can then lay off any ofhis or her remaining deadwoodcards that fit into the knockingplayer's meldsScoring Gin Rummy:-Each player counts the total valueof their unmatched cards. If theknocker's count is lower, theknocker scores the difference betweenthe two counts- If the knockerdid not go gin, and the counts areequal, or the knocker's count isgreater than that of the opponent,the knocker has been undercut. Inthis case the knocker's opponentscores the difference between thecounts plus a 10 point bonus- Aplayer who goes gin (knocks with notunmatched cards) scores abonus 20 points, plus the opponent's countin unmatched cards, ifanyThe rules settings allow changing some ofthis rules:- Handbeginning player- Receive 11 cards or a turned-upcard- Bonus forgoing gin: 20, 25- Bonus for an undercut: 10, 20, 25
Phase Rummy card game 10
PB Softworks
A variation of popular card game "Liverpool Rummy", similarto"Contract Rummy" or "Shanghai Rummy", with special cardsandsimplified rules. The objective of the game is to be thefirstplayer to complete all 10 game phases with defined cardsets.However, beware: it's not easy to win on the highestdifficultylevel! Features: - Randomly generated or predefined phasegoals -Configurable number of players: 2-4 - Configurable gamedifficulty:1-10 - Configurable game speed - Undo function - ClearUI design:NO music, NO irritating avatars! - No online loginrequired Object:To be the first player to complete allphases/contracts. In case ofa tie, the player with the lowest scoreis the winner. A Joker card'*' may be used to replace a number cardand can also be used asany color to complete any phase. Skip cardshave only one purpose:to make another player lose their turn. Touse it, give the card tothe player you want to lose their turn.Runs consist of 3 or morecards in numerical order. The cards do nothave to be the samecolors. Joker cards can be used to completeruns. Sets consist oftwo or more cards of the same number. Sets caninclude numbers fromany color. Game Play: Players draw a card fromeither the deck orthe top of the discard pile at the beginning oftheir turn. At theend of their turn, they must discard a singlecard. Completingphases: When you are able to fully meet therequirements of thephase, you may complete it. Additionally, youmay play extra cardsas you play the phase if they fit into thephase. For example, ifyou completed phase '2 sets of 3' you couldplay three 4’s andthree 6’s. You could play additional fours orsixes as part of yoursets, but you could not add a different set.Hitting: After makinga phase, players may “hit” onto other phasesin play. The cards youadd to the completed phases must fit into thephase, and you canonly hit after your own phase is in play. Endingthe round: Playersend the round by playing all of the cards fromtheir hand. Theplayer who goes out first wins the hand and scoreszero points. Therest of the players score points (points are bad).Players whocompleted their phase move on to the next phase. Anyplayers whowere unable to complete their phase during the roundmust attemptto complete it again during the next round. ***Disclaimer *** *The game is intended for an adult audience. * Thegame does notoffer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to winreal money orprizes. * Practice or success at social casino gamingdoes notimply future success at "real money gambling".
Romi Lite 1.54
Patrick Roy
Romi lets you play Rummy Tile (RummyCube, Rummikub, Rami)gamesagainst the computer at three different levels. Romi is playedwithtwo sets of 52 cards and with two wild cards. The purpose ofthisgame is to form groups of three or more cards, which containeitherconsecutive cards of the same suit or cards of the samenumbervalue but of differing suits. New feature: * Added Pass andPlaymode, where a single device can be used by multiple humanplayers,passing the device to the next player, once they havecompletedtheir turn. * On the Settings screen, just uncheck thecheckboxesnear the name of the player that should be played by ahuman. *Changing a checkbox state will force a new game. About RomiLite -Disable the advertisement by purchasing the full version ofRomi.
Hearts 1.07
HEARTSMain characteristics:- Play Hearts against threeCPU-Four-color deck (each suit has a different color)- It includeshelpand play explanation- Settings: Cards size, deck type(four-coloror classic), cards back color, sound, animations,speed,scoreboard, table color...- Scores: Hands, matches, bestandworst,...- Achievements: They allow to achieve experienciepoints-Save and load game- Landscape and vertical orientation- MovetoSDPlay:- Hearts game is ended by someone reaching or going over100points (by default), and the winner is the player with thelowestscore at this point- A match has several hands where all thecardsare dealt out one at a time, so that everyone has 13. Thepersonwho played the highest card of the suit led wins the trickandleads to the next trickScoring Hearts:- Players’ points areaddedto their scoreboards at the finish of each hand- Each heartscoresone point, and the queen of spades scores 13 pointsTherulessettings allow changing some of this rules:- Game points: 50or 100points- The first trick is lead by the player holding the 2ofclubs (by default) or not (in this case the first handleadingplayer is selected aleatory)- It’s possible to allow toplaypenalty points (hearts and the queen of spades) at first trcikornot- Queen of spades breaks hearts or not- It’s illegal or nottoplay queen of spades as lead card if hearts aren’t break-Shootingthe moon increases all player’ scores by 26 points orplayer scoreis reduced by 26 points- Allow card passing or notOtherMelelegames: Gin Rummy, Solitaire, Sevens, Oh Hell,...
101 Okey 1.3.2
SNG Games
You can play 101 Rummy offline and free. Our main contributionisoffline 101 Okey plus strong artificial intelligence.GameFeatures: - Smooth game playing - 101 levels - Strong AI-Increasing bets in different rooms. - 24 different roomsanddifferent background visuals. - Food and beverages. - Avatars -Nointernet connection We are looking forward your commentsandreviews. [email protected] Have Fun!
Indian Rummy-free card game online 1.1.0
Topfun Games
The object is to form Runs (or sequences) and Sets. And whenaplayer has formed required runs and sets using all 13 cards,theplayer declares his turn. Indian Rummy by TOPFUN has LIVETABLESfor Rummy, and you play with REAL PLAYERS from all around theworldonline.Once either player discards a card in the discardstack, thegame will end. The players needs to arrange the cards andthenplace them on the table to show their hands to other players.Ifthe players hand meets the objective, he is declared the winner.Ifnot, the opponent is declared the winner.Table Rules1) Minimumtworuns (sequences) are required.2) One of these runs (sequences)mustbe pure (called First Life). 3) The second run can be pureornon-pure (called Second Life). Ultra low internet usage toSAVEyour 2G/3G bandwidth!Highest FREE bonus to start playing ontheHIGH STAKES RUMMY tables immediately!Some bonus in Indian RummybyTOPFUN:1. Welcome Bonus: Each new player can get it. Duringtheevent, you just need to login the game for continuous 5days.2.Login prize: After welcome bonus, you can get some chipsevery dayif you are login in Indian Rummy by TOPFUN.3. Bonus: Youcan getthe chip by enough online time4. Events: Get lots of prizesby playthe card game.Do you want to sharpen your Rummy skills?Practiceour clever tips and tricks and you can become a Rummypro.Gamblingwith real money is not allowed in the game. Whathappens within thegame has no connection with users' off-linebehavior. Winning andlosing during the card playing is only withinthe game.The objectof this Form Runs (or sequences) and sets. Andwhen a player hasformed required runs and sets using all 13 cards,the playerdeclares his turn. Indian Rummy by TOPFUN has LIVE TABLESforRummy, and U were Play with real players from all around theworldonline.Once either player discards a card in the discardstack, thegame will end. The players needs to arrange the cards andthenplace them on the table to show their hands to other players.Ifthe players hand meets the objective, hey were Declared Winner.Ifnot, the opponent is declared the winner.Board Rules1) MinimumTWOruns (Sekuatrrches) Hey Required.2) ONE OF Theseruns(Sekuatrrches) Must Bay there (called First Life).3) The secondruncan hold whole and non-whole (called Second Life).Ultralowinternet usage to SAVE your 2G / 3G bandwidth!Highest FREE bonustostart playing on the HIGH STAKES RUMMY tablesimmediately!Somebonus in Indian Rummy by TOPFUN:1. Welcome bonus:Each new playercan get it. During the event, you just need to loginthe game forcontinuous 5 days.2. Login prize: After the welcomebonus, you canget some chips every day if you are login in IndianRummy byTOPFUN.3. Bonus: You can get the chip by enough onlinetime4.Events: Get lots of prizes by play the card game.Do you wanttosharpen your Rummy skills? Practice Our clever tips and tricksandYou Can Become a Rummy Pro.Gambling with real money is notallowedin the game. What happens within the game has no connectionwithusers' offline behavior. Winning and losing during the cardplayingis only within the game.
Rummy Plus 5.17.0
Meet new people from all over the world! Do youlikeclassiccard&tile games such as Rummycube, GinRummy,Belote,Canasta,101or Taki?Then, you'll definitely enjoyRummyPlus! It'svery easyto sort andmeld the tiles while having funwithfriendsandfamily. Your freechips and friends are waitingforyou!*RummyPlus is now available onGoogle Play forfree!*Connectthrough 3G,Edge or Wi-Fi and play theclassic "Rummytile"gameonline with“Rummy Plus” quality against yourfriends,familyorplayers fromall around the World.* You can seeyouronlinefriendsand jointheir table with a single click,* YoucansocializewhileplayingRummy Plus,* You can also connect withaguestaccountinstead ofyour Facebook account,* For you toenjoyRummyPlus asmuch as youwant, thousands of free chips everyday.*Yourfriendshave joinedthe fun in Rummy Plus along withexpertRummyplayers,since it’sthe fastest, quickest andmostextraordinaryRummy tilegameonline. You should join themtoo!PLAYNOW*If youclick to“PlayNow”, the system will find a tablefor youwithoutkeepingyouwaiting and you will start playingRummyPluswithinseconds!CHOOSEA ROOMYou can join one of thespecialroomswhich arecustomizedfor players with different levels,andbecome alegend byplayingeveryday.CREATE A TABLE*None of themarefor yourtaste?Thencreate your own table and choose theamountofbetyourself!PLAYwith YOUR FRIENDSYou can see which ofyourfriendsareonline fromyour friendlist, and join their tableandhavefunplaying theclassic Rummy Plus togetherSocializewithyourfriendsin thisclassic family tile game.LISTEN TOYOURFAVORITETUNESWHILEPLAYING*Why shouldn’t you listen to musicwhileplayingRummyPlus?We thought out everything for you. Selectthesongs youlikemostand double the fun by playing Rummy Plusandlisteningtoyourfavorite tunes at the same time.Experiencedaproblem?Gotasuggestion? You can [email protected] learn about thelatestnewsandupdates:http://apps.facebook.com/Rummiplus/Additionalinformation:•Thegameisfree to play; however, in-app purchasesareavailableforadditionalcontent and in-game currency.In-apppurchasesrangefrom $0.99 to$99.99 USD.• Use of thisapplicationis governedbyZynga’s TermsofService,foundathttp://m.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service.
Gin Rummy Plus 4.1.2
Join the world’s most popular Gin Rummy Game and play livewithmillions of real players. Playing Gin Rummy with friends,family,and millions of players worldwide has never been easier!Join oneof the largest free online gaming communities and enjoy anall-newfree multiplayer experience, competitive leaderboards.SPECIALFEATURES ♠ PLAY FOR FREE - Experience all features totallyfree. ♠ENJOY UNIQUE MULTIPLAYER MODE - Compete with hundreds ofthousandselite Gin Rummy players all around the world and proveyou’re thechampion of the leaderboard. ♠ PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS -Double YourGin Rummy Fun with the biggest win of your life! ♠ PLAYWITHBUDDIES - Invite your friends and have much more funanytime,anywhere. ♠ SOCIAL EXPERIENCE - Play with your friends ormake newones, Gin Rummy Plus has the strongest community of any GinRummygame; including classic rummy, regal rummy etc. ♠ LEADERBOARDS-See how you stack up against other players or your friends. ♠FREEBONUSES - Countless opportunities to earn free coins, easierthanever! Experience a variety of high-quality Gin Rummy Loungesforultimate fun like never before! Additional information: • Thegameis free to play; however, in-app purchases are availableforadditional content and in-game currency. In-app purchasesrangefrom $0.99 to $99.99 USD. • Use of this application isgoverned byZynga’s Terms of Service, foundathttp://m.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service.
Rummy PRO - Remi Pe Tabla 4.5.0
This is an online Rummy Okey Game. You can play anytime, withwhomyou want, when you want! Press the Quick Start button andyou'll besitted at a new table with real players. Game rules: Thegamestarts with 106 tiles. Every player has to form validtileformations (ex: 12-12-12 or 3-4-5). When it's your turn youneed todraw a tile from where the arrow shows you or draw the tilethatthe previous player placed on the table. At the end of yourturnyou need to place a tile on the table for the next player. Thegameends when you have all tiles on your board in formations andonlyone tile alone (called the closure tile). This is an example ofacorrect clossure board: 12-12-12 2-3-4-5-6 7-7-7 10-11-12 11Thegame board above gives you a score of 250 points. Any Joker intheformations would reduce the score by 50 points. Enjoy the game !
Card Game 29 3.12
Z Level Apps
Twenty-nine or 29 (it is also called 28 sometimes withminorvariations in rules) is a very famous card game which isplayed byfour players in fixed partnerships. The players facingeach otherare partners. The game is played with 32 cards comprisingof 8cards from each suit. Jack (3 points), Nine (2 points), Ace(1point) and Ten (1 point) are the only cards which have points.Thusmaking a total of 28 points. The teams need to bid and set atargetfor themselves and then achieve it. The player who wins thebidgets to set the trump suit thus biasing the game towards them.Theopponents need to achieve 29 - (bid) to stop the bid winnerteamfrom winning the game. This is where the game gets its name'29'.Have a wonderful time playing the game. We will be churningoutmore updates to the game. Do let us know what other featuresyouwould like to see in the game.
Gin Rummy Free 1.193
★ Top Developer (awarded 2013 / 2015) ★ ★★★★★ "I wasreallysurprised at how much I enjoyed this game. It’s a great cardgamewith levels for every player from beginner to expert. For free,youreally can’t go wrong with this game and I highly recommendit."Android Tapp ★★★★★ "An Addictive Rummy for Android...this isonecomplete app in all areas." Alpha Digits Gin Rummy Free isthethird card game from AI Factory, and provides a highlypolishedinterface that runs smoothly on all handsets. This gameintroducesdrag and drop card play in addition to touch and go. Asever thegame intelligence is finely tuned to provide a good rangeofopponents to give both the beginner and experienced player agoodmatch. A key new feature for this product is CPU player"style".Gin Rummy is a hugely popular card game for 2 players,where theaim is to form sets and runs of cards before youropponent. It'ssimple and quick to play, and if you are new to thegame then GinRummy Free provides everything you need to learn it!Featuring: -15 CPU Gin Rummy players of varying skills and styles(beginner toexpert) - Arrange your hand as you play, or let the appsort it foryou! - 3 different decks of cards available - Choice ofbackgrounds- User stats against all players - Undo & Hints -Gin RummyRules & Help - Designed for both Tablet and Phone Thisfreeversion is supported by 3rd party ads. Ads may useinternetconnectivity, and therefore subsequent data charges mayapply. Thephotos/media/files permission is required to allow thegame to savegame data to external storage, and is sometimes used tocache ads.
Pinochle 1.38
Pinochle card game featuring: - Double-deck and single-deck games-4 players and 3 players - Single-player and rating-basedonlinemultiplayer - Really challenging computers - Options forbidding,passing cards, scoring and some regional variations -Statistics -Change names and avatars - Change a color style of thegame -Choose between several decks - Landscape and portraitsupported -Fits phones, tablets and HD phones Time to playPinochle!
Gin Rummy 1.11.2
This game is Gin Rummy free. Gin Rummy is known Gin. Play thefamousgame of Gin against opponents simulated by advancedartificialintelligence. Now play Gin Rummy, offline gin downloadnow. GinRummy is a hugely popular card game for 2 players, wherethe aim isto form sets and runs of cards before your opponent.It's simple andquick to play, and if you are new to the game thenGin Rummyprovides everything you need to learn it! Gin Rummy plussuppliesclassy graphics, super smooth gameplay, highly scalabledifficulty& much more! Gin Rummy free is kind of Rummy. If youlike rummycard game, you will like Gin offline. You can use thisfeatures inthis Gin Rummy free. Features: * Google Game PlayServices, *Achievements, * Score and Win Leaderboards, * Quests, *Levels, *Stats. * Game Difficulties. Settings: * 6 differenttheme, * FinishScore option, * Game Speed * Avatar Select, * Autosort cards, * GinRummy Rules. * 12 Avatars selection, * Customiseplayer names, * GinRummy plus designed for tablets and phones gindownload, downloadgin, rummy, rummy 500, 31 rummy, gin rummy plus,online gin, offlinegin, gin offline, gin online, circle rummy,play gin online, playrummy, gin rummy offline, download gin rummy,gin rummy free, gin,gin rummy, play gin, mahjong rummy, playonline gin, play gin rummyonline, play online gin rummy, play ginrummy offline, rummy game,play gin rummy free, rummy free, ginrummy free card game, freerummy.
Hand, Hand Partner & Hand Saudi 14.7.1
Jawaker, the leading social platform for card games in theMENAregion is offering you the chance to play Hand, to yourheart'scontent, free of charge!Invite your friends to play onlineandcarry the fun with you wherever you go! Challenge the pros inourJawaker competitions! Start your own exclusive game, chatincomplete privacy and join our community of over 4 millionplayersfrom around the world! Hand is not the only game you canplay onour application, enjoy an array of the most exciting cardgamesoffered by Jawaker such as Hand Partner, Tarneeb, SyrianTarneeb41, Trix, Complex, Rummy, Partners and Estimation. - Joinany ofour daily competitions and stand out among all cardgamesprofessionals!- Jawaker is completely free to play online!-Playagainst real people anytime you want!- In-game chat featuresforultimate fun!- Personalised profile picture from yourfacebookaccount!Follow us on our Facebook page to get the latestfrom us!facebook.com/JawakerCheers to all our Jawaker players, andgameon!Hand RulesHand is non-partnership game played with 2-5players,2 sets of cards with 2 jokers (106 playing cards). Dealingandplaying are counter-clockwise. Each player's mission is to meldallhis cards or add cards to existing melds.Cards andDealingEachplayer is dealt 14 cards, an extra card is dealt to theplayer onthe dealer's right, and the rest of the cards areplacedfacing-down in the center of the table, this pile is calledthestock pile.Play* The player who has 15 cards starts the gamebydiscarding a card to the "discarded pile" in the middle ofthetable. The turn then passes anti-clockwise, each player havingtheoption to either draw a card from the stock pile, or pick thelastcard from the discarded pile. In both cases each playershoulddiscard a card to the discarded pile to indicate the end oftheirturn.* If the player decided to pick a card from thediscardedpile, they are obliged to meld using this card beforediscardinganother card (see the "Melding and Adding Cards toExisting Melds"section below).* The round ends when one playermelds all theircards. Each game consists of 5 rounds.Melding andAdding Cards toExisting Melds* The player is allowed to make thefollowing melds:sequential cards of the same suit, or the differentsuits of thesame card. A meld has to have a minimum of 3 cards anda maximum of5. A Joker can be used as a wildcard to replace anycard the playerdoesn't have.* The sum of cards in a player's meldmust be at least51 when melding for the first time. After the firstmeld, theplayer can meld with no restrictions.* After the firstmeld, theplayer can also add cards to existing melds freely.* Ifasequential meld contains a Joker, and one of the players holdsthecard the Joker is used to replace, the player is allowed totakethe Joker in exchange for that card. In the case of a Joker and2cards of the same ranks and different suits, the Jokerisconsidered a replacement for the 2 other cards and a playerneedsto have those cards to get the Joker.* When calculating thesum ofmelds, a Joker is equivalent to the card it replaces and anace isequivalent to 11, unless used in a series of A-2-3, in whichcaseit is equivalent to 1.Scoring* The winner of the round is thefirstplayer who's out of cards and is given a score of -30, therest ofthe players have their cards added to their score (11 foreach Ace,15 for each Joker, and 10 for each J, Q, or K). 100 pointsareadded to the score of any players who did not meld.* If aplayermelds all of their cards without adding any card to existingmelds,this is considered a "hand" and is calculated as -60. Playersgetdouble the value of their cards and 200 points are added tothescore of any players who did not meld.* The winner of the gameisthe player with the lowest score at the end of the 5rounds.OtherTypes of Hand* Hand Partner* Hand Saudi
Royal Buraco - Card Game 2.5.2
Gazeus Games
Live the experience and glamour of a great card player withRoyalBuraco - Card Game! Create your own table with whomever youlike:challenge your friends and other Buraco players from all overtheworld, or train with our robots, who are expert card players.Winlots of coins through your victories and be part of the worldofCanasta royalty. You are the best!Buraco is a classic cardgamewith many variations around the world. It's really close toothergames like Canasta and Gin Rummy. In Royal Buraco - Card Game,youcan put your skills to the test in 3 different modes:BuracoAberto, Buraco Fechado and Buraco STBL. Play on a 2 or 4playertable and prepare yourself for the challenge of multiplyingyourcoins and melding many canastas!Other features:- Challengeyourfriends to a game and create a table with them! It is justlikebeing in your living room at home, with everyone together!-Talk toother players using our chat.- Get coins at the end of eachmatch,with an super prize for the winner!- Win daily bonus coinswhen youenter the game.- Customize the table and the cards in thedeck.-Match statistics.- Multiple achievements for you to unlock!Ifyoulike Canasta and Gin Rummy, or other card games you will lovethisthis game. The cards are already on the table. What are youwaitingfor? Download Royal Buraco - Card Game now and be the greatcardchampion!
Ahoy Games
Okey is a traditionaltile-basedgame with long history and many variations. It's highlypopular inTurkey among Turkish people, played mainly incoffee housesby people in every age. It's very similartoRummy/Rummikub as it is played with the same setofboards and tiles but with different rules.Realistic feeling, simple interface and exciting gameplay!Okey Game is played by four players with a set of 106 tiles and104of them are numbered from 1 to 13 with four differentcolors.During the game each player has 14 tiles on his board. Oneach turna player draws one tile and discards one tile. The objectof thegame is to be first to form a board which consists sets andrunsusing all 14 tiles. There are special tiles chosen in everygame,called jokers which helps the player form his 14 tiles boardofsets and runs, by replacing the tile which is missing. Twolasttiles from 106-tile-set represented with stars are tricky'falsejokers', which against expectations acts as normalnumberedtile.Features:★ Advanced Artificial Intelligence★ Full HD graphics (perfect for high resolution tablets)★ Multitouch support★ Unlimited hours of joy★ Multiple game modes★ High playability★ High quality animationsIn Okey game, when you attempt to win a game by discarding a tiletothe center of table (bank), if there are any mistakes withyourgroups, these groups will be highlighted with red color.You can tap and hold a tile in the same place for 3 seconds toflipit. This is generally used as a reminder of joker tiles inOkeygame.For online version please try our new game Okey Pro !--------------------------------Türk insanının en çok sevdiği okey oyununun teknolojiyle engüzelbirleşimi. Evde, yolda, bayırda, çayırda istediğinizzamanoynayın.Bu Okey oyunu online değildir. Bu Okey oyununda gelişmişyapayzekaya karşı oynuyorsunuz. Bu sayede internet baglantisinaihtiyacduymadan oyunu oynayabiliyorsunuz ve diger oyuncularin tasatmasinibeklemekle vakit kaybetmiyorsunuz.Özellikler:★ Gelişmiş yapay zeka☆ Full HD grafikler★ Multitouch desteği (tabletler için mükemmel)☆ Mükemmel oynama kolaylığı★ Sayıdan düşmeli oyun modu☆ Yüksek kalite animasyonlarOnline versiyon için lütfen "Okey Pro" adlı oyunumuzudeneyin!Lütfen hata raporlarınızı, önerilerinizi [email protected] adresine iletiniz.Ana menü'de 'Kurallar' butonunun yanındaki butona basarakoyundakimasanın resmini değiştirebilirsiniz.Desteğiniz için çok teşekkür ediyoruz !
FreeCell Solitaire
FreeCell FreeCell is a fun and classic single player Solitairecardgame. The clean design and big cards make playing this gameabreeze. This twist on the classic game of Solitaire will keepyouentertained for hours. Download the game for free now and enjoythebest FreeCell app out there! FreeCell is played with astandard52-card deck. The goal of the game is to move all the cardsto thefour Foundation piles (located in the top left) and buildeach suitup from Ace to King. When playing, use the four open cells(on thetop right) to store cards as you are trying to win. FeaturesofFreeCell include: • Unlimited free games • Undo feature •Gamestatistics • Auto Move on/off • Tap to move or drag and dropcards• Game leaderboards and achievements • Sound that can beturnedon/off • Game state saved See what some of our many usershave tosay about this popular FreeCell game: • “Love it! Can'tstopplaying!” • “I find it to be a great game to play when I havehad arough day.” • “Played for years on my PC, was happy to findthisapp for the iPad. Love the challenge!” • “Just love the gamekeepmy mind sharp” • “Love free cell & this app is great!” Ifyoulike this app be sure to check out our other card games:•Solitaire • Spider Solitaire • Pyramid Solitaire Use ofthisapplication is governed by the Zynga Terms ofService(http://m.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service).
Rummy World 2.13
Join millions of worldwide players and enjoy a FREERummyexperience! Rummy World is an online Multiplayer tilegame,combining elements of the card game Rummy, board game OkeyandMahjong. Play with your friends in special themed rooms, andearncredits plus gifts in this very popular family game. Enjoy thebestRummy experience with "Rummy World" for Android. Play onlinevia3G, 4G, Edge or Wi-Fi and play the classic "Rummy Tile" gamewith"Rummy World" against your friends, or worldwide players. Doyoulike the original classic card & tile games such as GinRummy,Rummy tile, Okey, Okey Mynet, Rummycube, Rummy cube, RummyPlus,Rummi, Remi, 101, Canasta or Taki? Okey and 101 Okey isverysimilar to the game Rummy as it is played with the sameset ofBoards Plus Tiles Plus Racks.  Be the first player tofinishyour tiles by laying and manipulating them into sets and runstoWIN THE GAME! Want to earn more credits? Look for ourspecialoffers! And may the best manipulator win! Feedback? We'reall earson: [email protected]
Rummy 500 1.13.2
Rummy 500 is the BEST Rummy game created for Android. Rummy500offers four levels of difficulty, 4 unique game modes as wellasextensive statistics tracking. It is an unparalleled gameplayexperience! Now with 7 unique themes and great dailychallenges!Customize your game to your liking and come back everyday for anew chance to earn additional coins and unlock the latesttheme!Also includes Facebook integration! Personalize your game,earnexperience with every game, never lose your statistics!Yourstatistics are now stored in the cloud and shared between allyourdevices. Features: • Realistic gameplay and graphics •Intuitivesingle player gameplay • 4 difficulty options • 4 gamemodes:Regular, 3-Player, Team Play and Persian. • ExtensiveStatistics,including games and hands breakdown. • Facebookintegration -personalize your game and save your progress. • 7unique themes tocustomize your game play experience! • DailyChallenges! Come backevery day for an additional chance to earncoins!
29 Card Game 4.7.2
Knight's Cave
This is one of a group of South Asian trick-taking games inwhichthe Jack and the Nine are the highest cards in every suit. Itisalmost certain that they are descended from the European familyofJass games, which originated in the Netherlands. Probably theywerebrought to the Indian subcontinent by Dutch traders. 32 cardsfroma standard 52-card pack are used for play. The cards in everysuitrank from high to low: J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7. The aim of the game istowin tricks containing valuable cards. The values of the cardsare:Jacks 3 points each Nines 2 points each Aces 1 point each Tens1point each Other cards (K, Q, 8, 7) no points There are somelinksthat can help you to learn thegame.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twenty-eight_%28card_game%29http://www.pagat.com/jass/29.htmlIf you can't open or game crashat beginning please update yourGoogle play services and Googleplay games. This will solve theproblem. For Bluetooth multiplayerplease make sure your bluetoothvisibility is on. For getting moreinfo and to contact with us forsuggestion please visit ourfacebook page :http://www.facebook.com/knightsCave
Gin Rummy GC Online 1.52
Play gin rummy online with real, live players, chat. Ginserveralways has hundreds of players day and night. High qualityandeasy-to-use gin-rummy game and fast play.Play internet ginrummyone-on-one games or multi-player tournaments, chat, compete,makenew friends!If you had an internet disconnection, Gin RummyGCOnline will reconnect you. You can use either WIFI ornon-WIFIconnection. Gin Rummy GC Online will play fine with 3Gconnectionas well.If your online ginrummy game is interrupted (e.g.by aphone call), there's a handy notification that enables aquickreturn to your gin rummy table.Since 1930s, the game of ginfirmlyappeared in popular American culture as gin rummy became agame ofpopular Broadway and Hollywood stars and was featured inmultiplemovies.The goal in gin rummy game is to collect sets of 3or morecards that ‘go together’. Such matching collections of cardsarecalled melds.The melds either have to be of the same rank, likeallsevens, or forming a sequence of the same suit – like 7,8,9ofhearts.At the end, whatever cards are left in player’s handthatare NOT in those collections (melds), are called deadwood.Deadwoodincurs penalties equivalent to the sum of their values. Inthecourse of the game, players would try to discard unwanted cardsandcollect cards that would form melds.In Gin Rummy GC online, atthestart of each hand 10 cards each are dealt to 2 players. The21-stcard is opened face up and put next to the deck. This card isoftenreferred to as upcard or up card. At each turn players draw acardby dragging it from either the closed deck or from upcard. Whenaplayer discards a card (by dragging it from own hand todiscard),the discarded card is placed on top of the currentupcardeffectively becoming the new upcard.Only at the very startofgin-rummy game either player (starting with the non-dealer) getsachoice either to exchange one of the cards from their hands withanupcard or to select a Pass button to pass this opportunity.Until1st upcard is either passed or exchanged by both players,nodrawing from the closed deck is allowed.If both playerspass(refuse) the very first upcard, the non-dealer must start agame bydrawing the top card from the closed deck. He adds this cardto hishand and discards ANY card on top of the original upcard tobuildthe discard pile.Thereafter, each player in turn must draw andaddto his hand either the unknown top card from the closed deck ORtheknown upcard on the very top of the waste pile. In either case,theplayer completes his or her turn by discarding one card face uptothe discard pile. It is not permitted to draw the upcardanddiscard it on the same turn.The melds that a player is buildingmayconsist of either 3 or 4 cards of the same rank sequence of 3ormore cards in the same suit (Ace & King are notconsideredconsecutive, but Ace and 2 are ).A hand consistingentirely ofmelds with no deadwood is described as gin and carries abonus. Aplayer, however, does not have to wait for gin but may enda gameas soon as the total value of his unmatched deadwood is 10 orless.(This is called maximum knocking value. It is set at 10 forregulargin rummy. When a player is satisfied with the low valueofdeadwood in own hand, he or she can end the hand by‘theoretically’knocking on the table AFTER drawing an 11-th cardand BEFOREdiscarding the last card [knock button]. The finaldiscarded cardis placed face up on the closed stock. It is veryimportant toplace the final discard onto the closed stock.Gin RummyGC uses afast gin rummy server supporting different gin rummyclients inaddition to android-based gin-rummy client. Gin Rummy GCapp forApple devices is available as well as Java and Windows-basedginrummy - use 'Contact Us' within the app for more information.
Ronda 5.1
Bendev soft.
Ronda Carta is The most popular card (carta) game in Morocco. Itisplayed with 40-card and has four suits :- 10 Copas (Tbaye9) -10Espadas (Syouf) - 10 Oros (D\'hab) - 10 Bastos (Zrawétes) andarenumbered 1-7, 10-12 in each suit.Ronda is played by two players,itcontains :* OFFLINE mode : The opponent is the computer/phonewitha random name,* ONLINE mode : Play with your friends byGoogle+,*Bluetooth mode : Play with your friends by bluetooth* Wifimode :Play with your friends on Wifi Network by IP Address* Youcanchange your carpet at any time,* some other effects inside thegame