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VeryDoge a very doge game 4.2.0
★★★★★ "Veeery nice. One of the better Doge-themed games I'veseen!"★★★★★ "I love that this game supports external keyboard! Oneof the few games I can play on my mini-pc"★★★★★ "Such Game! VeryFun! Much Coins! "Doge wants to fly to the moon he desperatelyneeds cash to buy a rocket. He just got into a crypto-mine to catchsome dogecoins.To catch the coins use the control buttons or tapwhere you want the money sack to be.FEATURES:+++ Upgrade thefalling bonuses to increase your score.+++ Compare your score withall VeryDoge players from all platforms+++ Lots of Fun+++ Funnydoge clothes that can be combined in hilarious ways+++ Landscapemode that works fine on TVs+++ Physical keyboard and mouse supportfor mini-pc Control the doge with ARROW KEYS or A , Z , K , M keys.Restart and pause the game with SPACE BAR.
Times Ninja Adventure FREE 0.0.4
Learn multiplication like a ninja.Times Ninja Adventure is a newfun way for kids to memorize the times table.Features:1.) Adaptivemath teaching. Times Ninja Adventure will adapt to your childknowledge, it will remember which multiplication questions weregiven incorrect answers and will provide more of these for yourchildren to remember.2.) Each consecutive correct answer willresult in a different more powerful attack. So if your childrenknow the times tables and don't make mistakes they will advancemuch faster until they reach challenging levels.3.) Even if themain character loses and the game restarts the multiplicationlearning continues. The application will remember what your childhas already learned and will provide new challenging questions. Ifyour child feels that the game became too difficult you can resetthe learning process by pressing 3 times on the reset button in the"pause menu".This is a Free Demo version. It is limited to only thefirst level and multiplication of numbers up to 5.
Учимся Читать - Учим Цвета для Малышей FREE 2.0.5
"Учимся Читать - Цвета" это игра для малышей от 2 до 6 лет.В нееребенок будет самостоятельно решать простой пазл с фигурамиодновременно составляя из букв название цветов. При успехе, ребенкапохвалит нежный голос и на картинке предметы разукрасятся новымцветом.Играя в нашу игру малыш учится определять похожие формы.Знакомиться с видом и звучанием букв. Узнаёт как из букв образуютсяслоги и слова. Знакомится с названием цветов.Игра "Учимся Читать -Цвета" исключительно на Русском языке.В игре используются новыеметодики изучения чтения для малышей.Даже дети вообще не умеющиечитать и не знающие букв русского алфавита смогут играть в нашуигру, и получат удовольствие от игры.Принцип игры основан на томчто когда ребенок собирает пазл у него работает та часть мозгакоторая отвечает за распознавание форм, в этот момент мы такжепоказываем букву и озвучиваем ее что легче усваиваетсяребенком."Learning to Read - Colors" is a game for kids from 2 to 6years.In her child will independently solve a simple puzzle withfigures at the same time composing letters of the name of thecolor. If successful, the child praise gentle voice and the imageitems to decorate the new color.Playing our game baby learns toidentify similar shapes.Become familiar with the look and sound ofletters.Learns how letters form syllables and words.Acquainted withthe names of colors.Game "Learning to Read - Colors" exclusively onthe Russian language.The game uses a new method of studying readingfor kids.Even children who can not read at all and do not know theletters of the Russian alphabet will be able to play our game andget pleasure from the game.The game principle is based on the factthat when a child collects puzzles in his work is the part of thebrain which is responsible for recognizing forms, at this moment,we also show the letter and voiced her that a child is easier todigest.
Learn to Read in Romanian - the Alphabet of Colors 2.0.5
"Learn to Read in Romanian - the Alphabet of Colors" is aneducational game for preschool children that will help them tolearn Romanian letters and color names.Children will learn theRomanian Alphabet, discover the sound of Romanian letters, learn toidentify colors. They will learn to form words from letters andsyllables in a very interactive and fun way.The game is designedwith toddlers in mind, it supports multi-touching , the game willcontinue working and being responsive even when the child holds thedevice so that he touches the screen with his finger.In acest joccopiii vor invata Alfabetul român, vor insusi cum suna literelealfabetului românesc.
Learn to Read - Learning Colors for Kids Free 2.0.5
Learn to Read - Learn the Colors for Kids is a cute and funeducational game, for small children, the game will teach your kidsthe basics of English reading and spelling by teaching them torecognize the colors.The game will familiarize your kids with thelook and sound of English letters.While playing the game, childrenwill discover how letters make up the syllables and words, andlearn the colour names in English.By solving simple puzzles, yourchild will also develop the ability to identify similar shapes.Thegame is designed for preschool children and does not require anyprior knowledge of letters or the Alphabet.Learn to Read - LearnColors for Kids is a great way to teach your children the basics ofreading English.The game can be played even by toddlers, eventhough they will not start reading after finishing the game it willhelp them develop reading intuition, which is very usefull for thenext stages of developing reading comprehension.The teaching isbased on the Phonics method where the kids will develop the abilityto hear, identify, and manipulate phonemes.Most important thingabout Learn to Read Learn Colors for Kids is that it's fun to play,the children usually want to know what colour will be next and theywant to see the Magical Meadow fully colored.This is the freeversion of Learn to Read - Learn Colors for Kids and it issupported by in game adverts.
Genial Santa Claus 1.2.1
Genial Santa Claus is a unique mix of Match 3 and Sliding Puzzlegames.Santa Claus is on his way to bring Christmas presents tochildren.Use the Christmas magic to help Santa Claus fulfillchildren wishes.Solve sliding puzzles and Match 3 toys in a row tocreate presents that Santa can give.The golden box is a magicpresent that can fulfill any wish.If Santa has no presents to givehe goes home and you lose.Tap on toys close to the empty space tomove them like in a sliding puzzle.Merry Christmas and a Happy NewYear!Feliz Navidad y un Feliz Año Nuevo!Craciun Fericit si La MultiAni!С Новым Годом и Счастливого Рождества!Joyeux Noël et une BonneAnnée!Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr!
Genial Santa Claus 2 1.5.5
Hello, Elf! Are You ready to help Santa Claus fulfill Christmaswishes?Do You think you have what is needed?Only the Elfs with thesharpest mind and dexterity will be able to slide the magic cardsso they match and create all the Christmas toys for Santa.What areYou waiting for? Install the game and let's see what are You madeof?"Genial Santa Claus 2 - the Christmas Cards" is a beautifulchild friendly Christmas game.In the game you help Santa Clausbring Christmas presents to children by matching 3+ Christmas cardsin a row to create toys. The toys can be used to fulfill Christmaswishes and earn smiles.If Santa Claus has no more presents to give,the game ends and you lose.There are now 366 Christmas missions tocomplete.Get as many smiles as possible.Fulfill all wishes to get 3stars.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!Game Features:+ Holidaythemed imagery and music+ 366 levels for long periods of fun+Beautiful family friendly graphics+ Great exercise for your mind,challenge your mind and hand dexterity+ The game is really free, noin-app purchases+ Leaderboards and Achievements, find out who isthe best Santa Elf.Game Tips:+ Match more than 3 cards to get morepresents+ After matching 3 cards you still have a small amount oftime to add more matching cards to the row.+ You can slide morecards at once if you tap farther from the empty space+ Use tapsinstead of swipes, it's much faster+ Take a peek at the toys youare missing and try to make those, to get 3 stars
Zen2Buy Shopping List Free 3.0
Zen2Buy - is a visual shopping list app.WARNING: First time openthe application while connected to internet, it will download thedatabase about 3MB, then it will work offline.Features:+ Quicklycompose shopping lists by tapping on icons+ Quickly increase theamount by tapping multiple times on the same icon+ Quickly deselectan item by swiping it+ Quickly add new products to your shoppinglist by long pressing on the + icon(Great for quickly adding newcustom items that you need to buy only once)+ Share shopping listvia email and SMS ( The shared URL can be opened in any browserwith HTML5 support on iPhone, PC etc. )+ Compose your list on PC then send it to your Phone via email.+ Save shoppinglists for later usage+ Add multiple saved shopping lists to thecurrent list (For example you can save lists of ingredients forvarious recipes and then add the recipe you want to cook today tothe current shopping list )+ Add new products to the StoreHouse+Remove products that you don't use from the StoreHouse+ Embed yourshopping list in your website. ( Great for websites with CookingRecipes )+ Quickly see the description of a product icon by longpressing it+ See your list in icon and text mode.+ In text mode youcan sort your current list.+ The order of products in "StoreHouse"will adapt to your usage. The more You purchase a product thehigher it will be in its category.The philosophy of Zen 2 Buy issimplicity, just click on product icons to navigate and markproducts to create a list. This way creating a list is a matter ofseconds, but speed comes with a price - your lists are limited bythe existing icons. Thus, to effectively use the application, useit as a broad reminder, not as an exact purchase instruction.Theapplication is designed with the assumption that in a relationshipthe partners know each others' preferences. The husband knows whatkind of bread his wife eats, what kind of cheese and yogurt shelikes etc. So there is only one type of cheese, bread, ice-creamicons that work as a reminder - hey I need to buy cheese. What kindof cheese the app will not tell, it's up to you to know yourfamily's preferences. This allowed us to design a simple interfacethat is easy to navigate to find the necessary product veryfast.Nevertheless there are probably products that you usually buythat are missing from Zen2Buy. In this case you can add them astext via long pressing the + button.
Shape Puzzles Pro - Assemble 1.1.1
★★★★★ "The game is more challenging and interesting than it seemsat the begging"Alex B.Assemble the puzzle to show the hidden image.Shape Puzzles Pro is a irregular jigsaw puzzler with a twist.1.)You can connect the puzzle pieces only to the central whitepiece.2.) You do not see the puzzle image until you finish solvingthe puzzle.3.) All the puzzle pieces have unique free form shapesand colors. How to play: Make all the pieces on the board white todiscover the hidden image.Drag a color puzzle piece to fit theshape of the central white piece. If you moved it correctly it willsnap to its place and become white.Every game level has a maximumnumber of points you can earn. Each second you lose a point.Eachsolved puzzle will unlock the next one.Shape Puzzles Pro isdesigned as a casual puzzle game for grown ups.While the firstpuzzles are very easy, to introduce the game concept, more advancedlevels in the game might be too difficult and frustrating for smallkids. The game is free and sponsored by adverts.FEATURES:★ 45unique jigsaw puzzles - all Free★ Fun Creative Shapes of puzzlepieces. Each puzzle is manually crafted by our designer. There isno automated process involved.★ Measure your skills - times basedscore, the faster you solve the puzzle the higher is the score★Enjoy crisp HD graphics★ Get Surprised - Have Fun Guessing whatimage is hidden by each jigsaw puzzle★ Throw the pieces and stopthem with a tap on the empty space.★ 3 star ratings★ Hints