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Crossword ITA 10.4.0
Application suitable for those with a passion for crosswordpuzzles, completely free and with so many crossword that areupdated weekly. With this app is possible to: - possibility tochoose between two types of layout - More 1200 schemes - Changefont at any time - Start a new crossword at any time - Savingschemes (also partial) automatically - Control of errors at the endof scheme - Check the answer solution at any time - Color cellgreen if the letter of answer is correct and red is wrong - Messagethat advise se the solution is correct or wrong, if the solution iscorrect the message is green, if the solution is wrong thebackground color is red otherwise is blue - Configure the time thatthe message, of solution correct or wrong, is showed - Receive pushnotification - Backup/Restore schemes on dropbox - Create and send,via email a PDF of scheme - Notifications with new schemes and newapp on app store - Search a schema from thousands - Configure thebackspace key, delete one character at a time or go back and deleteall the cells that you want
Easy Language 1.2.0
Application appropriate to those who want to easily learn differentlanguages (Italian, English, German), totally free and with so manytypes of exercises. The course is consists of several sections: - asection on training, where there is a word (in your language) and 4words of the language that you want to learn, - test level 1, ondisplay appear a word in your language and the word translated (inno particular order) - test level 2 where you wrote the word. Thecourse can be taken at any time and repeated as many times as youwant. Furthermore there is a section of the Handbook with commonphrases. The internet connection is needed for download the lessonand (optional), for see the image of the word. Functionality: -Download lesson, for offline use - Notifications of new lesson -Change at any time of the language that you know or that you wantto learn - Visualization, in percent, of the state of learning foreach section - Section common phrases - Change the path using tosave the course at any time
Trains Timetable 2.2.3
The app "Trains Timetable ", is an application that show theitalian trains timetable. You can use this app for Italiantravel.This app allows you to:- Search, given the departure time,the station of departure and arrival, a more travel solutions- Seein real time if the train is late, early or in time- Any solutionchosen, is detailed with all the stops, departure time (theoreticaland actual), time of arrival (theoretical and actual), the arrivaltrack- When you arrive at your destination, you can control anycoincidences- The latest searches are saved for a faster selection,but you can also delete them- When opening the app will show thelast search- You can reverse the order them research- Select aregion and see all stations- Each solution is shown the number ofthe train and the train type and is shown, once chosen the solutionorigin of train departure"The app is to be used only forinformational purposes and is not to be taken literally"
Advanced Contact 1.0.5
CRM - Customer relationship management is an app with contactadvanced functionality. With this app is possible to create newcontacts with add, other name, surname and phone number, alsoaddress, web site etc.. This app is full free. What you can do withthis app: - Creating a file, starting from the phonebook of yourphone, or write all the data manually (you can also upload apicture of the contact representative) - Edit a contact - Delete acontact - Call the contact (office or mobile) - Sending a textmessage - Send an email - Create an appointment, specifying as soonas possible be notified via notification (notification does notwork if the phone is off at that moment). - Show your position onthe map (if GPS is enabled) and the contact position - Via the menuyou can disable / enable notifications, the notification control isalso made phone startup To date there is no No synchronization,soon there will be. The app has just been born, and with your helpI hope to improve it