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Find The Difference 1.0.14
Spot the difference (Find The Difference) is a puzzle and casualgame that will allow you to relax and to get pleasure from findingobjects on a beautiful images!What is and isn't in our super newapp:Briefly:1) More levels than other games (will be more than1000, now 900+, not 300)2) No timer3) Tips/Hints and skips levels4)HD and qHD photos5) 10 differences in each picture6) Optimized forphones and tablets7) Cool zoom functionality8) Save and resuminglevels9) Informing about new levels10) Music and sounds11)Different themes of the background photosFull:1) Timer is optional- play, think and search as you like, no racing with a time!2) Not100 or even 300, but 1000+ interest levels will wait for you. Nomore needed to go often to the apps store to download a new versionof Find differences - there are enough levels for a long time inour Spot The Difference 2017 game! Stay tuned - new levels will beconstantly added and will be available to download for free rightfrom the game. Just click Play button and built-in downloader willget new levels from our server.3) Renewable hints and skips levelswill help you if you get stuck in this colorful world ofdifferences.4) You are free to choose between of using HD or qHDphotos in game (HD photo requires more internet traffic but has abetter quality).5) On each picture you will find not 5, not 7, but10 differences! 6) All the differences and the hidden objects areoptimized for a normal game - you don't have to find a small pointor a small block of pixels, independently mobile phone or tablet isused.7) Zoom of the image will allow you to find all the hiddendifferences on your device regardless of how you have a vision andwhether you wear glasses. Now the search is a pleasure!8) Jump overand finish complex levels later.9) Be online with access to theInternet and you will be sent news about the new levels - yourphone will play some ringtone and add a text notification in thedevice system bar.10) Enable or disable music and sounds.11) Largevariety of the backgrounds themes: landscapes, nature, cars,buildings and even beautiful girls can be met by you on theexpanses of searching for differences. We tried to select for youthe most beautiful, cool and live photos.Welcome to the diverse,interesting and colorful world of find differences.Did you knowsuch kind of a free games are often calls as Spot the difference orSpot it or What's different.How to play: just find a difference andtap it on any image.Discover what's the difference between twophotos which only seems identical but there are ten differences tofind!Some sites and apps offer ready-made recipes for quicklyfinding differences, but much more fun to find everything yourself.Stay like a king of the differences - conquer all the levels!Allthe levels in the game is free and will give a lot of joy to bothchildren and adults.Don't forget to switch on a wifi or mobile dataon your device for access to the entire levels database.The battleof your mind and vision against our artist's skills begins! But wehope that after such an acquaintance our artist will become for youas a good friend.Put our "Spot different game" on the 'shelf' whereyou store your favorite and useful apps and your collection willbecome more complete.Download Spot the Difference and share it witheveryone! “Find the differences games” are excellent for playing ina pair – play these “spot it games” with your friend andrelatives.Our Find Differences game is already loved by bothchildren and adults, both girls and boys, both men and women.Getready for a best photo hunt of your life and join to our team oflovers of "Find the differences" and puzzle games!All pictures andphotos for levels taken with the personal permission of the authorof the image or with a suitable license.All images were makeup inphoto editor and have differeces with original photos.