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Drift One - Drifting Simulator 1.3
Drift One is a real 3D drift car racing simulator game and it isalso FREE!# The game is designed for the passionate drift lovers,so, engines of the cars are tuned to drift. # Try to earn max pointin the leaderboards of each level and beat your friends!# Customisecars just in the way you like and drive your dream drift car!Tip:If you think you are having difficult time drifting while takingcorners try to use handbrakes! Features:★ 12 Cars Perfectly TunedCars (Sahin, E30, Sports Cars, German Cars, and Japanesse Cars)★ 9Laps, Offering Different Drifting Experience★ Pro Handbrake mode★ 3Real Drift Controls * Tilt Control * Wheel Control * Arrow Control★Real Engine Sounds★ Intelligent Drift Calculation System★ 4 LiveCameras * Spider Camera * Drift Camera * Normal Camera * InsideCamera★ Full Customisation * Variety of Hood Decals * Variety ofSide Stickers * 6 Rim Options * Variety of Colour Options For: -Car - Brake Caliper - Rim★ Speedometer and RPM GaugesReady to burnyour tires? Ready to drift? Start leaving your skid mark on theasphalt!Please note that, if you delete the game, all of theacquirements within the game, including in-app purchases, will belost! Follow Us:Facebook:
Kelimekle 2.0
Kelimekle is a Turkish word game. Basically it is an expandedversion of the last letter-first letter game. Players need to buildnew words by adding letters to the end of the current word. Notonly the last letter of the words but also any ending part of thecurrent word can be used to add letters for building new worlds.Inthe Single Player mode, the aim is to create longest chain of wordswhile racing against the time. Each conducted word brings extratime and points.Features:★★ Compete with your Turkish knowledgeagainst time.★★ Compete with all of the players by your score.★★Accomplish the goals and earn badges.
Racing in City - Car Driving 2.0.2
Are you ready to download the most fun in car city racing 3D gamefor free? “Racing in City” is the best endless car driving game inthe traffic. Unlike the other racing in car games, you cancustomise or upgrade your car. While in the city traffic driving,to get better points, you either need to speed up or pass othertraffic cars closely. Racing in car has never been that much funbefore. Hold the steering wheel right now and enjoy city driving. Adifferent kind of racing game is waiting for you.13 DIFFERENTRACING CARS 2 Hatchbacks, 9 sedans and 2 offroad vehicles are readyfor city car driving game!MISSIONSComplete all the missions andprove that you are a pro driver. 2 DIFFERENT CONTROL OPTIONS Youcan enjoy city driving either using tilt control or steering wheel.In addition, you can switch on/off auto speed option foreliminating the gas pedal.WORLD SCORE LEADERBOARD How qualified youare as a traffic racer? Through leaderboards of the levels, competeyour driving in car skills with others while city carracing.CUSTOMISATION You can customize city cars in a way you likeby changing color of the car and rims. You can also add spoiler toyour car if you like. In addition, you can change colors ofspoiler, rims, calipers separately. With these customizationfeatures, you can create your dream modified car.ENGINE TUNING Youcan tune your vehicle engine by customizing speed, brake distance,acceleration and steering values of each vehicle. MANY OTHERFEATURES 5 different maps offering different city car drivingexperience, 5 different game modes including one-way, two-waytraffic, free and time attack modes. Are your ready to try one ofthe best in car driving games ever? AYou can follow us onFacebook:
Vamos Drift Car Racing 1.0
You think you play many drifting games? If you have not tried"Vamos Drift", then you have never played a drift car racing gamebefore."Vamos Drift" is a real 3D drift car racing game launched in2016 and it is also FREE! Unlike the other drifting and racinggames, you can customise your cars in the way you want and drive itin the well-designed levels. In order to score more, you need todrift all the way without crashing obstacles. In this speed cardrift racing game, you can drift and fun by drifting your carcontinuously in high speed. Let's start playing one of the bestdrift car racing game of 2016, and also it comes with far betterfeatures than other car drifting simulator games.16 AMAZINGCARSSahin, E30, sports cars, German drifting cars and Japanesedrift cars and many others... 6 UNIQUIE LAPSMountains, hill climbracing, snow driving, container ship and parking garage. FULL BODYCUSTOMISATIONDecals, different rim options, wide range of car bodycolors. PRO HANDBRAKE MODEAn extraordinary handbrake mode for prodrivers. 3 LIVE CAMERAS, 3 DRIFTING CONTROLS, REALISTIC ENGINESOUNDS, GYMKHANA DRIFT EXPERIENCE AND MANY MORE... ---Ready to burnyour tires? Ready to drift? Ready to try one of the best drift carracing games free 2016? Click install and start leaving your skidmark on the asphalt! Let’s burnout, drift and be the driftking!Please note that, if you delete the game, all of theacquirements within the game, including in-app purchases, will belost! Follow Us:Facebook:
Bare Block - Color Blast 1.0
Bare Block is an easy-to-play yet addictive brain training puzzlegame.During the game, align same colored blocks horizontally,vertically or diagonally to blast the blocks. Same colored blockscan also be blasted when stacked in the same spot.Bare Block -Color Blast game is different version of the classical tic tac toegame. It is definitely way cuter than the tic tac toe, and weguarantee more fun too! After playing the game couple of times, youwill be surprised how easily adapted to the flow of the game.But becareful! You may forget how fast time passes while playing the BareBlock board puzzle game.
Racing in City 2 - Car Driving 1.1
Are you ready to download the most fun in car city racing 3D gamefor free? The experience of driving in the city traffic is now evenbetter with high quality, realistic cars. Weave through thetraffic, try to score more than other players by pushing thelimits. Activate nitro boost, drive on the opposing lane, try toovertake other vehicles. Some of the great features of the one ofbest in car driving game Racing in City 2 (RC2): 12 DIFFERENTVEHICLES Variety of vehicles are waiting for you. Try to drive thefastest cars on the earth. You can be an off-road driver, or truckdriver. DIFFERENT CAMERA ANGLES You asked, we did it! The besttraffic driving simulation game now offers different camera angleswith 2 outdoor car driving cameras and the classical interiorracing in car camera. FULL CUSTOMIZATION Change vehicle colors,change rims, add spoilers. If you love the fast cars, increase theengine power or turbo. Not enough? Then add nitro-oxide to yourvehicles to boost your car. Remember Racing in City 2 is more thanan in car driving game. WORLD LEADERBOARD Are you the best trafficdriver? Then compare your high score with other car drivers fromthe world. Racing in car never feel this much real before. Highquality racing car consoles will make you feel like a trafficdriver.Ready to play Racing in City 2? It will be the most fun cardriving game you have ever played. This game is designedpassionately by the creators of best racing car games. Secondracing in car game from the developers of Racing in City! Play RC2NOW! Follow us on Facebook:
Moto Racing Club - Highway Rider 2.0
Moto Racing Club is a realistic 3D motor racing game which make youexperience the real motorbike racing in city. As a highway riderweave through the traffic, and try to score more than other playersby pushing the limits. Activate nitro boost, race on the opposinglane, try to overtake other traffic drivers. Some of the greatfeatures of one of the best traffic bike motor racing game are: 7+DIFFERENT MOTORBIKESVariety of racing motos are waiting for youincluding urban motorcycles and american superbikes. DIFFERENTCAMERA ANGLESThe best motor traffic racing simulation game offersdifferent camera angles which are two outdoor cameras and arealistic interior moto racing bike driver camera. You will tastethe real racing in moto experience by playing this amazing highwayrider simulation game. FULL CUSTOMIZATIONChange motorbike colors,change rims. If you love the fast superbikes, increase high speedand acceleration of the motorcycle by tuning the moto engine. Notenough? Then add nitro to your motor racing bikes to boost yourmotorcycle. Remember Moto Club Racing is more than a moto racinggame. WORLD LEADERBOARDCompare your highscore with other highwayriders from the world. With 3 different characters, 5 uniquelevels, combos and many other features, it offers great moto ridingexperience compared to other motorcycle club games! Download forfree and feel the real motorcycle driving! Follow us onFacebook:
Kebab World - Cooking Game Chef 1.6
Have a delicious journey across Turkey! Develop your cooking skillsthrough an epic exploration of traditional Turkish cuisine.Prepare, cook, serve and satisfy your customers, keep them happy tomake more money! COOK TRADITIONALLY Learn how to preparetraditional Turkish recipes from this cooking game. Shish kebab,chicken shawarma, doner kebab, Turkish pita, and authentic seafooddishes are only little examples of the great traditional recipes.There is something for everyone’s liking. Find out which one willbe your favorite! OVER 300 EPISODES TO COMPLETE! 320 episodesspread into 8 locations in Turkey are waiting for you to discoverthem. Experience the joy of preparing the traditional flavours indiverse restaurants ranging from Mediterranean to Black Sea seafoodrestaurants, from Turkish Pizza joints to Kebab houses with shishkebab. UPGRADE YOUR KITCHEN Jazz up your kitchen with upgrades, andboost your cooking skills with numerous improvements! Fromprofessional cooking pans to advanced beverage stations, you canupgrade tools and ingredients for your restaurant. Better qualityingredients and appliances lead to greater variety of dishes andhappier customers with more money! TAKE UP THE COOKING CHALLENGELove a little bit of a tension in your cooking game? Then, getyourself in a real cooking craze, keep up with the rush hours, anddevelop time management skills. This cooking game offers endlesschallenging levels to give you that special cooking experience byserving customers. Are you a big fan of cooking games, kitchengames, or restaurant games? Do you feel like the master chef ofcookings games? Then this is the cooking game for you to be themaster chef of Kebabs. Don’t wait! Download and catch the cookingfever. FOLLOW US