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Dozing Cat Software Apps

AsciiCam 1.2.4
AsciiCam generates ASCII images in real time from whatever yourcamera is pointing at. Choose from black and white, primary colors,or full colors, take pictures, and share them as images or HTML.You can also create ASCII versions of pictures in your gallery, andoptionally have ASCII versions automatically generated every timeyou take a picture with the standard camera app.AsciiCam iscompletely free and open source.
CamTimer 1.2.3
CamTimer is a camera timer app designed to be as simple andefficient as possible. Just set the delay to 5, 15, or 30 secondsand press the shutter button to start the timer; at 3 secondsremaining you'll hear beeps, and then the picture will be saved.After you take a picture it will be shown full screen, allowing youto share or delete it.You can also take 4 pictures in succession,control the camera flash setting, switch to the front-facing cameraif available (requires Android 2.3 or later), and take pictureswithout a delay.CamTimer is now completely free and open source.You can get the source code at
Vector Pinball 1.5.6
A free and open source pinball game, with simple vector graphics, aphysics library for accurate simulation, five table layouts, and noads. See the GitHub project page at if you'd like to helpwith coding or designing tables.
Dodge 1.4.3
Dodge is a simple game where your goal is to steer a ball from oneedge of the screen to the other, avoiding a swarm of enemy dots.Every time you reach the goal, the level goes up and more dotsarrive. Supports control via tilt, touchscreen, andd-pad.Completely free, no ads and no permissions required. Sourcecode is available at
WireGoggles 2.4.5
WireGoggles displays a real-time wireframe outline of what yourcamera is pointing at. Choose from 20 color schemes or create yourown, and save and share pictures. You can record and play backvideos with audio, and export them as WebM files. You can alsoapply the effects to your existing pictures.WireGoggles is now opensource! See email ifyou encounter any problems.
Vector Camera 1.2.3
Vector Camera displays real-time effects applied to what yourcamera is pointing at. Effects include wireframes and outlines,color shifting, and rendering with text characters. Take picturesand record videos, change their effects, and export or share them.You can also apply the effects to your existing pictures.VectorCamera is completely free, has no ads, and is open source: