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Azrael Apps

Image Search
This is simple application, that searches images with keyword,browses and saves. Using the Google Image Search engine. Searchoption that nearly equals to Browser is available. Search resultdepends on search engine. The displayed image may have beenprotected by copyright. graphics : Juan paulohttp://www.flickr.com/photos/juan_paulo/
Market History Manager 1.04
A management tool for search history of"Android Market".Works with new Market Application(3.0.26)Features1: All history Clear2: Selected only history Clear3: Automatic history ClearWorks on 1.6 or higher
Lock Now 1.08
Note: Disable force lock before updating oruninstallingLock the terminal in a various ways,instead of pressing theendcall keyTRY FREE VERSION FIRST- Home screen Shortcut- Search key, Call key long press- USB disconnectedand other.- 1.04 create shortcut by long press(for other app likeWidgetlocker)
yuz 0.23.1
避難所情報マップ 1.4
Google社が公開している避難所情報のAndroidアプリ版です。http://mw1.google.com/crisisresponse/2011/sendai_earthquake/google/map/sendai_earthquake_2011_ja.htmlGoogle避難所情報http://www.google.com/intl/ja/crisisresponse/japanquake2011_shelter.html上記サイトにて公開されているKMLファイルをGoogleFusionTablesを使ってAndroidアプリから検索を行っています。指定した地点から近い避難所の情報を100件まで表示します。名称、住所による絞込みを行えます。経路検索、避難所名による避難所名簿共有サービス( http://goo.gl/ganbare)の呼び出しが可能です。(どちらも外部アプリ呼び出しによる対応です。)全国の原子力発電所の位置、そこまでの距離、福島県周辺の風向、風速の表示機能を追加しました。他の災害情報についても別レイヤーとして表示するよう対応予定です。質問、要望等はメールまたはtwitter(@azrael_android)へお願いします。
Simple outliner,you can enter only text data.・Hierarchical/Flatpresentation・2 pane layout in landscapemode・Import(OPML)/Export(OPML,tab text,plaintext)・Undo/Redo/Move/Copy/Cut/Paste・HardKeyboard/Shortcut(currently modifier key supports Shift ,and Altonly)"Features" is not up to date.I will update them before toolong.I shall be under no liability for damages caused by softwaredefects.Thank you for your understanding.I can't reply to marketcomments.Please contact me by mail or twitter , if you have someproblem or demand.Thanks
Lock Now Free 1.08
Note: Disable force lock before updatingoruninstalling.See alsoUsing Google Apps Device Policy : Overview - GoogleMobileHelphttp://www.google.com/support/mobile/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=190930On free version, setting screen is shown when unlocking oneweekafter installationLock the terminal in a variety of ways,instead of pressingtheendcall key- Home screen Shortcut- Search key,Call key long press- USB disconnectedand other.